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時代と共に形は変わりつつある中、トランスは特に欧米諸国において多くの人に支持される音楽ジャンルの一つです。そんな本場ヨーロッパの恍惚感溢れる綺麗な音をお洒落な街のお洒落なクラブで楽しんでもらいたい、そんな思いから始まったトランス・パーティー「Ligaya (リガヤ)」。






The latter half of the 90s witnessed the birth of a new dance music genre in Japan–“trance.”

Since then, though the sound has evolved with the times, its euphoric message and essential beauty remains unchanged. This is the driving force powering the “Ligaya” endeavor, aimed to energize the Tokyo scene with what has traditionally been a European phenomenon.

Indeed, the trance era effected a movement in Japan that is the very lineage of our DJ cast. The epic scale, dreams, and wonder of this great scene inspired us to found Ligaya in March of 2008.

From uplifting stompers to progressive crowd pleasers, we integrate the latest sounds from across the globe to produce a euphoric space expertly tailored to the venue.

Furthermore, we refuse to limit ourselves to the typical paradigms, stepping out of the traditional late-night time slot to put on afternoon parties when the demand arises. This eliminates the need for urban dwellers to worry about missing the last (or first) train, allowing for complete and unfettered enjoyment of the fantastic phenomenon that is trance culture.

At Ligaya, we don’t quit. Expect events to be rolled out regularly with our sights set squarely on sparking a revolution in the Japanese dance scene as its leading trance project. For all things trance, trust in the Ligaya mission.